Friday, June 5, 2009

ALISO VIEJO FIRE (06-05-2009)

These are a few of the photos of the fire fighting that I captured in Aliso Viejo, California this afternoon. The fire was located in the wilderness section of Aliso Viejo in the area of Moulton Parkway and Laguna Hills Drive. Unfortunately, the majority of the fire was located in the basin, so I wasn't able to capture the actual fire other than what came up the hill to the street.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Muchas gracias Americanos por tu dinero...We thank you, the American taxpayer and President Obama for tax increases which support us being here, our housing, food, medical expenses, and now a cost of living increase. We're sending home one way tickets for the rest of our family to visit.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Laser Engraving

Last week I went to the Spectrum and found a place to scratch proof my new Nextel Blackberry 8350i (yes, I am that anal retentive). Because I have a new phone model the shield had to be special ordered, which arrived earlier today. When I brought my Crackberry into Fusion Ideas, they said it would be a 45 minute install process.

I started looking around the store and saw that they had an advertisement for laser engraving on a Apple Macbook. After looking at the machine and photos of different items that had been engraved, I figured that I'd brand my 12" Apple Powerbook G4. After retrieving my laptop from the car, I went back into the store and copied my new company logo to their machine.

WIthin 5 minutes, the had my laptop in the machine and the engraving process was under way. Less than three minutes later, my company logo was engraved onto my laptop. I was really impressed at the quality. For $45, I figured it would be cheap advertisement.

I highly recommend taking a look inside their store. They are located at 85 Fortune Drive in the Irvine Spectrum, across from the Apple Store.

Saturday, January 31, 2009


Foot Pursuit...ranch style.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Jan. 6, 2009 06:21 AM
Associated Press

ADELAIDE, Australia - An Australian woman accused of setting her husband's genitals on fire because she thought he was having an affair has been charged with murder.

Prosecutors said 44-year-old Rajini Narayan confessed to neighbors that she set her husband on fire on Dec. 8, 2008, after she saw him hug another woman.

She was initially charged with endangering life and arson but the charges were upgraded to murder after her 47-year-old husband, Satish Narayan, died from his injuries last week.
Prosecutor Lucy Boord said Narayan told neighbors she was a "jealous wife" but she hadn't meant to kill him when she doused the sleeping man's genitals with an alcohol-based solvent and then set him on fire.

Boord quoted Narayan allegedly saying: "I just wanted to burn his penis so it belongs to me and no one else. ... I didn't mean this to happen."

The husband jumped out of bed and knocked over the bottle of alcohol, causing the fire to spread and resulting in 1 million Australian dollars ($711,000) of damage to their town house and an adjacent property, the Adelaide Advertiser reported.

Narayan was remanded in custody for psychological assessment and will reappear in court Friday. She has been charged with murder, arson and three counts of endangering life, as the couple's three children were at home during the incident.

Monday, December 29, 2008


As I was traveling to Los Angeles this morning to investigate a cargo fire which occurred back on December 11th, I came across 2 accidents; one had just occurred on the northbound I-5 north of Beach Blvd and the other southbound I-5 at Indiana.

The first one I came across was around 10:15 am at Beach Blvd. As I diverted traffic from the number one lane a set out a flare pattern, As I walked up to the involved parties (3 involved vehicles) and saw a 7 or 8 year-old boy who sitting on the road leaned up against the center divider. I asked if anyone was hurt and one of the parties told me that the boy had a laceration under his eye. I walked over to him and saw a little blood under his eye and told him that I’d be right back. After gloving up and grabbing the first aid kit, I walked back to the boy and noticed that half of his left eyeball was protruding through his swollen eyelid. Unfortunately, I don’t think the boy was wearing his seatbelt.

The second accident occurred at about 10:50 am on the southbound side of the I-5 at Indiana. While I was traveling northbound I-5, I saw a large black dog run out from the west side of the freeway (from Indiana) right into freeway traffic. Two things went through my head. One, please someone hit the dog, and two, don’t panic stop and swerve to avoid hitting the dog. Don’t get me wrong, I love animals, however, when vehicle’s are traveling at freeway speeds (70-80 MPH), a lot of things can go wrong, which in this case did.

As the dog cleared the #4 and #3 lanes, the car in the #2 lane slammed on its brakes and swerved into the #1 lane, pinning in a vehicle into the center median, followed by a chain reaction crash that involved cars in all four lanes to bottleneck the freeway and causing a truck to slam into the center divider and into several other vehicles already involved in the crash.

I only bring up these two incidents for two reasons. One- always wear a seatbelt. I myself have always hated wearing them. Even after 2 seatbelt tickets I still had trouble wearing them until a year and a half ago. And two- although we all love animals, a dog will not total your car or kill you. The speeding vehicles coming up behind you that are operated by driver’s not paying attention to the road who will slam into your stopped vehicle on the freeway will kill you.

That’s my pearl of wisdom for now.

Monday, November 3, 2008


This guy speaks his mind and actually knows what he's talking about. This couldn't be said any better.